Training Time

"Time will say nothing but I told you so . . ." WH Auden

Richard and Kathy at lunch Tuesday, February 7, 2012  

Kathy’s husband is coming from Del Rio to pick her up, it’s about three hours away. They moved to Del Rio, Texas, from the Seattle area some dozen years ago and would love to return to the northwest.

Richard had a cochlear implant 13 years ago on the Veteran’s Administration’s dime due to a service related injury and the Aberdeen Proving Grounds.  He worked for TWA as a mechanic, wearing hearing aids, until it was sold.  His wife died three years ago and his current goal is to travel on every Amtrak route — seems I didn’t ask how he was doing with that goal.

My excuse is that I was totally absorbed in his story of his brother who was a high ranking member of  the German American Bund organization that promoted a favorable view of Nazi Germany.  Richard remembers his German born father taking both of the boys to rallys in the late 30s in the Brooklyn area — the banners, flags and crowds made quite an impression on Richard.  But for his brother it resulted in a call to action.  He was eventually arrested for acts of sabotage and given the opportunity to turn counter spy that he accepted and went on to help expose the east coast operation. 

A totally charming and friendly man, celebrating 81 years. I send out wishes for safe travels to Richard.

Feb 8, 2012